Managing employee time and calculating gross payroll are integral tasks carried out by management or HR personnel. WorkSight Flow accommodates all your time-tracking needs for your business and your employees.

Easily Collect Timesheet Data

WorkSight Flow streamlines timesheet collection, so your employees no longer must fill out paper timesheets. Using Flow, employees will be able to update their timesheet from what was originally planned or add this time manually.

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Streamline Timecard Generation Image

Streamline Timecard Generation

In WorkSight Flow, schedules flow through to the timecard automatically without needing to rekey any information.

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Employee Self-Serve

Using the WorkSight Flow mobile app, employees have 24/7 access to their timesheets. Review edits and submit.

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Timeclock Integration

Integrate WorkSight Flow with your electronic swipe in / out devices for zero-touch processing.

Automatically Calculate Gross Pay

Gross pay includes all an employee's pay before taxes and other mandatory and discretionary deductions have been taken out. It can be difficult to calculate gross wages without the right tools. Attempting to perform the calculations manually significantly elevates the risk of errors. Flow helps you avoid the many issues that can stem from gross pay mistakes by allowing you to automate calculations and testing.

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Configurable for Complex Labour Environments Image

Configurable for Complex Labour Environments

WorkSight Flow can configure and represent complex collective bargaining agreements and union rules that go beyond overtime and shift differentials, applying the rules that are unique to your business.

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Create Custom Timecard Rules

We know you've got unique rules for your timecards. With WorkSight Flow, you can easily create shift differential rules, holiday rules, overtime rules, and more.

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Timecard Testing Tool

Our timecard testing tool lets you know when a rule modification conflicts with other rules, to avoid errors before they can happen.

Effectively Validate Timesheets

Once all employees' timesheets have been submitted and pay calculated, then use WorkSight Flow to easily view, compile, and manage their timesheet data. Flow lets managers approve employees' weekly timesheets & notify them of this status in the mobile app.

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Focus on the Exceptions

Receive exception messages and alerts that highlight issues that are out of the ordinary. WorkSight Flow catches the irregularities and informs you of the problem.

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Multi-Level Approval System

Multi-Level Approvals offers a thorough review process before time entries can be sent to your payroll system.

Forward to HR for Payroll Processing Image

Forward to HR for Payroll Processing

Once a timecard has made it completely through the timecard hours approval flow, the timecard is ready to be batched and sent to the paymaster.

Export Payroll Data

Instead of building and filling out spreadsheets for payroll every 1 or 2 weeks, let WorkSight Flow do it automatically in a few steps. Instantly and accurately every time. With just a few clicks you can automatically combine employee time from timesheets and create an export file for payroll. You can then import this file into your payroll system, thus saving time and increasing the accuracy of the transfer.

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Save Time Spent on Creating Payroll

Don't worry about having to learn a new payroll system. WorkSight Flow comes with export software for many of the leading payroll software packages and services, and we're adding more all the time.

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Workforce Reports and Exports

WorkSight Flows detailed reporting system allows you to filter, group, and sort just about every piece of data tracked in the WorkSight system.

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Enhanced Security and Data Encryption

WorkSight Flows security and compliance features include privacy and encryption, auditing and reporting, and more.

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