Resonance Software Launches WorkSight Flow for Next Generation Workforce Management

Automated Scheduling and Gross Pay Calculations for Better Workforce Management

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Vancouver, Canada, June 17, 2022 Resonance Software (WorkSight) a trusted North American provider of workforce management solutions, today announced WorkSight Flow, a family of products and capabilities delivering comprehensive employee scheduling and timecard functionality in the cloud. This new offering and product architecture delivers the full range of options companies seek today to meet their unique workforce management needs and use cases.

Resonance Software delivers a robust set of capabilities enabling employee scheduling, time off management, and timekeeping. These include:

  • Automatic prepopulating of employee schedules with cyclical and/or rotational information.
  • Schedule optimization
  • Time record views
  • Timecard edits and entries
  • Timecard reports
  • Attestation
  • Pay Rules
  • Accrual rules
  • Employee self-service

“We are very pleased to provide our clients with a tool for more reliable and accurate workforce management that truly integrates labour practices, operation needs, technology, and business requirements,” said Ivan Eggers, VP Operations of Resonance Software. “In today’s economic environment it is important to maximize your most valuable asset – your human capital.”

As businesses grow, they need a strong workforce management system like WorkSight Flow. Flow helps companies grow by unlocking information and reducing friction. Flow provides features that growing companies need while being easy to use and easy to implement. And with real-time insights into all your lines of businesses, you can make better informed decisions.

“WorkSight Flow came to be out of the successes we had with our boutique scheduling/pay solution WorkSight in the enterprise,” says company owner/CEO, Sandy Place, “We saw that we could help customers of all sizes by offering WorkSight Flow as an online service, giving smaller business access to the same feature set and value proposition at a significantly lower cost. WorkSight Flow takes the best ideas from the enterprise and moves those to the cloud It truly is the boutique scheduling solution available for everyone.”

About Resonance Software

Resonance Software Inc. created the WorkSight workforce management solution — a secure SaaS application trusted by many Fortune 500 companies, including some of the most recognized brands in North America. The secret to the company's success is that its products work how employees want, while also granting enterprise IT teams the data security, visibility, and control they require.

Resonance's team encompasses some of the most experienced consultants, developers, and trainers worldwide, specializing in workforce management solutions for the manufacturing environment. All WorkSight products and solutions are designed by industry experts, created specifically for niche markets, and are developed from industry analysis to maximize appeal for the target consumer. And, with extraordinary training, innovative and productive features, and superior customer support by industry experts, Resonance's solutions achieve a new level of product performance.

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