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From the WorkSight Archives: Organizing the World Around Work

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Does your workforce management software make you feel unimportant? Like your problems are just too small to solve?

You might start thinking to yourself, “This should be easy. Surely someone else has had this problem before.”

Whether it’s trying to solve a complex payment rule or simply account for an unscheduled shift, the big players don’t seem to be taking your problems seriously. After all, your problem doesn’t affect their bottom line. Why should they care? Imagine working with a workforce management software company that came in, learned your business, and tailored a system with you and for you. Imagine having the ability to schedule people around job vacancies, so work is always accounted for. Imagine being able to solve any complex payment rule you might have.

Believe it or not: It’s entirely possible.

Let’s face it: The way organizations schedule people, track time, and manage complex payment calculations requires a level of detail most software can’t account for. The little things that are important to you just don’t matter to the big players. The big players don’t care if you have to account for complex union rules or industry-specific costs. The big players don’t care if you have to fill a vacancy for a task well into the future. And the big players certainly don’t care about creating a system tailored just for you.

Because no one else can solve these small problems or account for the required level of detail, you have to manage it all yourself. You have to use unwieldy spreadsheets and constantly second guess your work. One small mistake could be disastrous for your company.\ When you take all of this work on yourself, you lose valuable time and resources. You aren’t able to see past the mountain of work these spreadsheets have created. And worse — you aren’t able to attend to the high-level tasks you need to focus on to do your job well.